Education Advisory Committee

The Education Advisory Committee (EAC) is a regional body of volunteers who meet quarterly to discuss and plan regional EMS and public health training activities.  Volunteers come from various organizations in public health and safety, as well as the hospitals, human services and education.  

The role of the EMS Education Advisory Committee is simple: to provide input, guidance, recommendations regarding our EMS Institute training programs, and to review and revise the program goals as necessary.  The EAC reports its activities and findings to the EMS Regional Council and makes recommendations for program(s) improvements.

Stakeholders defined: a community of people who share a common interest in our educational program(s).  

EAC Members include:

  • Area employers including representation from our EMS Chief’s Association. 
  • Hospitals or other clinical areas where students complete clinical rotations
  • Program support agencies that provide field internship opportunities including the coroner’s office, urgent care centers, colleges and universities as well as our emergency communications center.  
  • External partners such as fire and law enforcement.
  • EMS Program graduates.
  • Current EMS program coordinators (ALS, BLS and ancillary programs)
  • Montgomery County EMS Regional Council administration representatives (ex-officio members).  

Our EMS Education Advisory Committee meetings provide a time to update the representatives on all program activities, but primarily serve to assess our programs, review progress toward our collective goals, and discuss future improvements in a collaborative forum.  

The EMS Education Advisory Committee meets quarterly, and at least once a year, reviews the goals and outcomes for upcoming classes, and make recommendations for program improvements based on past class outcomes and feedback.