EMS Continuing Education & Training

EMS CEUNationally Registered EMT’s require 24 elective CEU credits, along with a 24-hour EMT Refresher to recertify their EMT credentials. Continuing education (Con-ed) programs are designed to accrue the necessary hours to maintain a NREMT and PA DOH EMT Certification(s).

Elective con-ed programs are available at a variety of locations, and private or on-site programs are available at your organizations. If you would like more information about con-ed training at your location, please email us.

National Core Competency Program (NCCP) Refresher Programs

National Association of EMT's (NAEMT) Courses

American Heart Association (AHA) Courses

National Disaster Life Support (NDLSF) Courses

Session Length(s): (Traditional) 8 hours classroom, or (Hybrid) about 3 hours online and 5 hours skills per session are available depending on the course(s).

Intended Audience:  EMT’s looking to recertify their credential. Also non-EMT’s at your organization (emergency medical responders, EMS Vehicle Operators, etc) are welcome to attend most courses.

Pre-Requisites: Varies according to program, but most have no pre-requisites

CAPCE:  Most course titles are CAPCE approved.